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Plan of Requirements

Constraints (randvoorwaarden)

  • 6500-7000 sq. m.
  • Address sustainable principles within your design


Functional needs (functionele wensen: wat moet het resultaat kunnen/doen)


  1. Attract neighborhood
  2. Become a landmark for the Science Park
  3. Create contrast with the surroundings
  4. Be visible from the highway and train (at least 15 meter high)
    • Connect the science park with the Brain factory
  5. Provide parking space for the occupants of the Science Park
  6. Provide an urban space used for recreation purposes



  1. Allow *amount* of standard office startups to grow/thrive inside the building.
  2. Provide a healthy work environment in the building
  3. Sufficient lumen on the users work surface without direct sunlight
  4. Ergonomic workspaces suited for different body proportions
  5. Constant flow of fresh air
  6. Provide a variation of work setups to enhance productivity, collaboration and creativity. Also known as activity based office setup with variation in the following:
    • Collaborative / Singular
    • Group or ungrouped
    • Private / public
  7. Sufficient visual stimuli to inspire the occupants
    • All workspaces should have a visual connection with nature either inside or outside
  8. Provide positive incentives to improve networking within/near the building
  9. Provide a distributed program that allows users to share knowledge with each other.
  10. Distribute program effectively in the building to minimize the need for shading
  11. Provide everyday program that stimulates users (freelancers, artists, startups and students) to do their everyday activities in or near the building
    • Eating program
    • Sport/meditate program
    • Party program
    • Relaxing program
    • Being close to nature


Research Questions

  • How can architecture (incubator) positively influence startup survival rates?
  • How to spatially promote collaboration between startups?
  • How to spatially stimulate the user’s creativity and productivity?
  • How to attract more knowledge to the incubator?
  • How to spatially cope with the rapid growth of startups
  • (Fascination) How to passively make the design more sustainable?