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Rolf Huijgen



P2 RE-retake (not finished)

'''Reconfiguration technique - Rotating & sliding Walls''


RETAKE - Focus on activity floorplan

Problem statement:

The student debt and the rising costs of education are tremendously affecting the quality of student housing. With the Dutch student funding it was still affordable for most students to live in proper housing without building up an incredible debt. This year however the student funding has been discontinued which leaves students with a major financial problem. The solution of the Dutch government to this problem is allowing students to get a loan with almost no interest. Although getting a loan is becoming quite regular for students, most don’t feel at ease having a big debt hanging over their head. Without parental or student funding only a few options are left to study without worrying about financial problems. Having a part-time job is quite common and results in work experience, but it does keep students from focusing on their studies. Finding cheaper student housing is an effective way of reducing expenses. This is however not a solution for the monthly expenditure fluctuations caused by unforeseen expenses, such as a vacation. Saving on primary necessities of life to counter the lack of money is not an optimal solution. The expenditure fluctuations are always dependent on external variables, not constants like the rent for housing. But what if this constant became a variable as well? My concept addresses the expenditure fluctuations by allowing students to share not only products, but also space.


Research Questions:

  • How can SMART environments result in high density student housing?
    • How can student housing become a stress-free environment?
    • How can student housing prevent conflict caused by the lack of personal space?
    • How can student housing reduce wasted space and change according to the needs of the user?


  • How can housing help in reducing student’s variable monthly expenses?
    • How can housing make students more aware of their materialistic point of view?
    • How to promote sharing within student housing?
    • How can you promote self-sufficiency within student housing?


Design assignment in which these result:

The design assignment is focused on creating a living environment that stimulates sharing and allows students to reuse space which is otherwise wasted. The students should be able to negotiate the division of personal space which is directly related to the house rent. This can provide the students with a mutual beneficial situation (symbiosis), fitted to their suddenly changing needs such as low on money reserves, living together with a partner, losing or gaining more possessions, etc. The design environment should also take into account that students can become partly self-sufficient by having enough space to grow their own food. In the end, the design should address all the needs of the students and more.