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Eventually either the oil and gas supply will be exhausted, or society will develop methods to rely completely on eco-friendly energy sources. What will then happen to the oil industry and their factories and structures? In this hypothetical situation, offshore drilling rigs, structures made of billions of euros worth of steel and concrete, will need to be repurposed. These highly sophisticated platforms and jackets resist storms, frequent waves (resonance), and salt water. These abandoned rigs provide society with the opportunity to repurpose, and even extend the site over and under water.

Humans are facing the dangerous consequences of the climate change. Especially the population of the Netherlands, which has to face rising sea levels. An undesired, nor not impossible scenario, would be the loss of livable land due to flooding. The loss of building and living area would result in drastic changes to the means of life. On the one hand, we need to research possibilities to slow down the process, and also change our way of life. However, on the other hand, we must look for concepts and design proposals to support a lifestyle with radical climate changes.

Our society, human behavior, and cities are changing due to the exponential progress of technology. How are we going to live in a future, and which role will architecture play in an augmented world? It might emerge as a balancing act between utopia and dystopia, between the total dependency and repression of the machines and the freedom to achieve more than we ever imagined. Society’s addiction to technical devices emphasizes the urgency at hand to begin to work with new technologies instead of denying the process categorically.


I. Introduction/Summary

170124 bnkemper p2-presentation22.jpg

170124 bnkemper p2-presentation30.jpg

II. Meso Scale

Meso Fragment

Meso Analysis

Structural Analysis/Porosity

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation19.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation20.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation21.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation22.jpg

Solar Radiation Analysis

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation.jpg

IIIa. Wood Structure

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation38.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation39.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation40.jpg

For more information visit the project site of Daniel Fischer.

IIIb. Responsive Silicone Skin

Material: Silicone

170327 silicone-properties.jpg

Responsive Skin

170327 silicone-responsiveness.jpg

Reference Living Architecture
Philip Beesley - Hylozoic Ground

Manual Silicone Experiments On Double Curved Membrane

single layer // multi layers w/ different directions // different silicone types // embedded plastic structure // embedded sub structures // embedded artificial muscles // combination
170311 presentation-portrait silicone.jpg 170311 presentation-portrait silicone2.jpg 170311 presentation-portrait silicone3.jpg 170311 presentation-portrait silicone4.jpg 170311 presentation-portrait silicone5.jpg 170311 presentation-portrait silicone6.jpg 170311 presentation-portrait silicone7.jpg

1st Silicone Prototype On Double Curved Membrane

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation15.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation16.jpg

170506 siliocne-print pattern-01.jpg 170506 siliocne-print pattern-012.jpg 170506 siliocne-print pattern-013.jpg

170506 siliocne-print pattern-014.jpg 170506 siliocne-print pattern-015.jpg 170506 siliocne-print pattern-016.jpg

Responsive Skin: Cells

Inspiration: Corals

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation26.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation23.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation24.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation25.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation27.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation28.jpg

Cell Types

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation36.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation41.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation43.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation44.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation37.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation42.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation45.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation46.jpg

Cell Frame Creation + Data

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation2.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation3.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation4.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation5.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation6.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation7.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation8.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation9.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation10.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation11.jpg 170623 bnkemper p3-presentation12.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation13.jpg

Cell Growth

2nd Silicone Prototype On Double Curved Membrane

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation17.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation18.jpg

170609 IMG 5556 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5558 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5561 silicone-proto it-02.jpg

170609 IMG 5564 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5566 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5569 silicone-proto it-02.jpg

170609 IMG 5572 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5587 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5628 silicone-proto it-02.jpg

170609 IMG 5574 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5577 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5579 silicone-proto it-02.jpg

170609 IMG 5581 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5582 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5614 silicone-proto it-02.jpg

170609 IMG 5620 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5624 silicone-proto it-02.jpg 170609 IMG 5633 silicone-proto it-02.jpg

New Extruder Design + Advanced Method

IV. Hybridity Wood + Silicone

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation34.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation35.jpg

V. Next Steps

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation33.jpg

VI. Time Plan

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation31.jpg

170623 bnkemper p3-presentation32.jpg