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Paper ROOGOTFL - Historical & Ideological Background: Utopia versus Dystopia

We are living in a wonderful time - dangerous and unstable, yet fantastic. We are surrounded by seemingly endless possibilities and technological advancements that no one could have ever imagined decades ago. However, our world and our lives are threatened by non-human reactions caused by human developments and reckless actions now and in the past. How are we going to face our future?

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Position Paper - Paradigm Shift in Architecture

Over the past couple of decades, a paradigm shift in architecture towards nonstandard, intelligent, and interactive architecture has emerged. With the emergence of powerful computational tools such as Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, the era of nonstandard architecture appears to be blossoming. As we are at the beginning of the age of digitalization, where computational logic has become integrated into the field of architecture, we need to clarify how and why these techniques and technologies, such as programmed architecture and robotic milling and printing, are to be incorporated in the design and build processes.

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Paper Media Studies - The Design Process of the Interactive Stage

During the 2009 Hyperbody design studio, students developed a concept for protoSPACE 4.0, a standalone pavilion between BK City and the Delft Science Center. Back then, the idea was to prefabricate multiple unique components, so called protoCELLS. Different functions such as ventilation, light and interaction were implemented. The assembly worked similar to a 3D building puzzle. The project was an early proof of concept for individual customization and fabrication within an integrated design process. The idea was to repurpose the mock-up of the protoCELLs as a stage for the third symposium of the GameSetMatch series in Delft. This symposium would host international speakers discussing within three differnt categories: next generation building, robotic building, S.M.A.R.T. environments.

Download the full interactive documentation paper (interactivity is not supported in some browsers previews)

GSM3 Interview - Areti Markopoulou