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P3 Presentation

The Problem P3Artboard 2.png Design Aproach P3Artboard 3.png Site P3Artboard 4.png P3Artboard 5.png Design Concept P3Artboard 6.png Programme Definition P3Artboard 7.png Computational Strategy P3Artboard 8.png Unit Design Concept P3Artboard 9.png P3Artboard 10.png Reference image >

Unit Design to Production P3Artboard 11.png P3Artboard 12.png P3Artboard 13.png P3Artboard 14.png DIA Workshop and MSc2 Collaboration P3Artboard 15.png P3Artboard 16.png MSc2 Project >

References P3Artboard 17.png P3Artboard 18.png P3Artboard 19.png EPS Production P3Artboard 20.png P3Artboard 21.png Next Steps P3Artboard 22.png P3Artboard 23.png