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Ori Gilboa

Climate pavillion The parametric design is that of an open air pavilion. There are two steps for the form generating of the structure: First I used kangaroo and grasshopper to construct a blown-up canopy, afterwards, the algorithm calculated sun exposure of each panel and according to this amount created an opening.

For the First phase I used a Voronoi 2D image within a certain border (the intensity of the shape and the number of cells can be changed). This Shape is the base for the Physical forces. All the intersecting points were given a lifting force. Several changeable anchor points connected the structure to the ground. The result is a dome-like structure made out of cells.

After the initial geometry construction, I used Ladybug to get all the weather data, including sun exposure. According to the amount of sun, each panel received an opening. With more sunlight - the opening became smaller.

Sun exposure analysis
Sun exposure analysis 2
Visualization 1
Visualization 2