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Transitional Space Design in the concept of Architectural Thermodynamics Lectures

Tiantian Du (email:

The topic of the lecture is about "Transitional Space Design in the concept of Architectural Thermodynamics". I will give the instruction about "Transitional Space", "Architectural Thermodynamics", and also about the Grasshopper components of "LadyBug" and"Honeybee" for energy and lighting simulation, and also about "Octopus" for multi_objective optimization design. The whole lecture is about Performance Driven Design, which hopefully will inspire your design ideas for this semester.

Please download the following software and install them before the lecture.

Ladybug/ Honeybee:


The presentation file for the design structure:
File:Workshop of transitional space- design structure-Tiantian Du.pdf

The example file of Grasshopper:
File:20161018-workshop simulation-Tiantian

The presentation file for the lecture: