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Else Dekker

Workshop 4 | Performance and environmental data integration

With this workshop I tried to optimize the structure of the canopy with keeping the existing geometry of the triangles and sun path optimisation. This is done with karamba and Galapagos. The original plan was to form a unified canopy rising from the ground. However I couldn’t keep the edges of the surface within the geometry in such way that the canopy is still attached to the ground.

The fitness criteria is defined by the load of 2 points. These two points have a load which optimize the construction of the surface. Due to the shape which is not attached on the four ground points there have been placed two columns on the load points. The openings in the canopy will optimize the minimum sunlight underneath the structure.

Surface with forces.png Optimisation canopy.png Canopie1.png Canopie2.png

File:Assignment Workshop 4 Else